Video lessons

Check this page for Video Clips relating to Uechi-ryu basic lessons:

Sanchin steps     Don’t forget – front foot heel is pushed out the width of your heel when in the front. Straighten the foot, then step. Password is “steps” (without the “”)

Sanchin turns  Important – maintain your balance during the turn. Password is “turns”

Sliding Steps – Important – make sure you are in correct Sanchin position when sliding step is completed. You can begin the step from a neutral position or from any position. Password is “slide”

Book one of a four book course for Uechi-ryu students: Password is: “aaiukf”

NEW! Kanshu instructional video

New!  Sanchin Kata:  Level one instructional video

New! the Octagon drill (8form)


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